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by Doogs7 on Nov. 29, 2018

Ice Report: 4 in
Ice was solid from boat launch.Be cautious.Still haven't caught a fish on this lake after 5 tries.Where are the 24,400 stocked splake since 2008 ?

by Doogs7 on Jan. 15, 2017

Ice Report: 6 in
Ice was good.Easy walking.No luck with fish.Marked numerous fish and had bites but couldn't trick them. Paul

by Doogs7 on Dec. 27, 2014

Ice Report: 5 in
Shore line weak.Be carefully getting on at launch.Ice on main body of lake good.No luck catching those splake.

Star Star Star Star Star

by Doogs7 on Dec. 27, 2014

Ice is about 5 inches. Fish weren't biteing today

by Bobo on Dec. 29, 2013

Ice Report: 10 in

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