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by Elmer Stacker on Jan. 7, 2023

Ice Report: 5 in
At the Faught Road boat ramp. About 50 meters off shore.

by Barone85 on Jan. 17, 2016

Ice Report: 4 in
Lily bay

by Barone85 on Mar. 27, 2015

Ice Report: 22 in
19 in black ice. Waterview road

by Barone85 on Mar. 19, 2015

Ice Report: 22 in
End of water view road. Top 2-3 in are cloudy the rest is still black

by Miner on Jan. 10, 2015

Ice Report: 13 in

by Nick Bovair on Feb. 1, 2014

Ice Report: 28 in
Good solid ice about 28 inches of ice but there is about 24 inches of black ice

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by OGfishermen on Jan. 4, 2013

Any lake trout in there??

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by Late season on Oct. 26, 2011

First time out on Muskrat last weekend doing some late season bass fishing and I was fairly impressed. The lake is very easy to get to with a good launch and space for parking. The water was a little shallow leaving the launch but we dident see any rocks or stuff the boat would hit that was sticking up. The fishing started a little slower for me then my fishing partner but quickly picked up when we switched to drop shotting. Seemed to catch all our fish around 26 feet deep which I don't usually like to do because the fish tend not to do well after bringing them up from around 30 feet but they were all big healthy fish and we made a quick release head first that had all fish taking off strait to the bottom. My tips for this lake are : Fish deep 26 feet or so. Use your electronics! Fish were hanging in spots you would never suspect them to. Use natural colored baits. We used all types of sizes colors and scents threwout the day and the more natural colors like greens browns and so on we're the only things catching fish.

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